Heads come in different shapes and sizes. So for optimum comfort we advise you to carefully measure your head before ordering.

Please note everything is handmade and subject to a 0.5 inch /1cm variation. 
They are elasticated at the back to give a snug and comfortable fit - and will stretch up to 1 inch / 2cm beyond these sizes below.
Step by step:
1. Take a tape measure or piece of string and…
2. Make circle around the nape at the back of your neck, over your ears to meet in middle of forehead/hairline
3. Keeping it snug to the head (but not uncomfortably tight)
4. This will reveal your measurement in inches/cm and that should correspond with one of our S, M, L, XL sizes or if those sizes don't work for you then please write your actual measurement in the buyers notes for us to custom make the right size for you, at no extra cost.



Please write in your buyers notes how little or how much hair you have so we can customise and make the body of your turban to fit you perfectly. This is specially important if you are experiencing hair loss or are undergoing chemo treatment.

Small 21 - 22 inches (53-56cm)
Medium 22 - 23 inches (56-58cm)
Large 23 - 24 inches (58-61cm)
Extra large 24 - 25 inches (61-63cm)


Small  21 inches / 53-56cm
Medium 22 inches / 56-58cm 
Large 23 inches / 58-62cm
However if you have a particular size requirement please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy to adjust measurements to suit your needs.


Adult Liberty print Tana Lawn and Wool/Lantana approx. 7cm wide by 38.5cm long (from end to end)

Adult Silk and Velvet approx. 8cm wide by 41 cm long (from end to end)

Kids - suitable for up to 5 years approx. 4cm wide by 36cm long (from end to end)


Newborn - only suitable for first weeks/2 months - 14-15 inches
0-6mths - 16-17 inches
6-12mths - 17-18 inches 
12-18mths - 18-19 inches
Toddler - 5 years old - 19-20 inches

For older children please contact us separately so we can accommodate properly.


Heads come in different shapes and sizes and this is especially true for children at different ages and stages! So for optimum comfort we advise you to carefully measure your and your children's heads before picking a size.

0-6mths 16" - 17"

6-18mths  17" - 18"

Toddler - 4 years old 18" - 19"

5 years - 7 years old 19"-20"

For older children 8 years + please head to our Adult collection


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