Let us re-introduce ourselves...Tot Knots of Brighton has now become Silk & Lawn.

As our brand has grown and grown up over the last 4 years, now is the time to rename ourselves to fully embrace who we've become and what we stand for.

so why did we change?

Tot Knots was born out of a sunny holiday with my mum Susan (chief designer and co-owner) and my two little girls – and the struggle to keep a hat on their heads, we started to fashion headscarves in the style of 1940s Land girls - and found they loved them and so did everyone we met - more importantly they kept them on - the concept was an oldie but a goodie – and the rest, as they say, is history, and how the original Tot Knots of Brighton kids brand began.

From that moment to this our collections have grown and grown up. During the last 4 circles of the sun - we discovered that what began as keeping kids heads covered in the sun now appeal more and more to women - who wanted grown up versions of our luxury headwear for themselves as investment pieces, with style, and sustainability at the heart.
katie de Toney co founder Silk & Lawn (formally Tot Knots of Brighton)

So we have naturally and organically evolved away from the kids brand we originally set up all those many moons ago. However our mission remains the same in keeping precious heads (of all ages) covered and looking fabulous and unique in our signature turban and headband styles.

We felt we needed a name that reflects this - a name that feels more in-line with our products and what we offer as brand to you, our community of loyal customers. 

So why Silk?

Silk is synonymous with luxury, touch, self care, sleep, and style.

We wanted more emphasis on luxury, fabric and a name that reflects the nature of our bespoke accessories, slow fashion, sustainably handmade, lifelong pieces that you want to invest in rather than supporting fast, throwaway fashion. We pride ourselves on our search and selection of limited edition Liberty printed silks as well as our highest quality, colourful collection of Mulberry silks.

& why Lawn?

We love a play on words - Lawn not only evokes an idea of the botanical and mother nature but also something more manicured, groomed and well taken care of.  Also for you more die-hard Liberty Fabric aficionados, you will know Lawn is also the name of the cotton fabric - most notably Tana Lawn produced by Liberty which has played a unique part in Liberty Heritage.

Made from the highest grade 100% cotton, Tana Lawn is one of the most popular fabrics from Liberty of London. Its name originates from Lake Tana in Ethiopia where the fabric was first produced. This is a cotton that behaves like SILK - ultra-fine with a fluid feel and intense depth of colour that is truly unmatchable. 

Tana Lawn fabric is soft yet durable, cooling yet warming, and even machine washable. Every bolt of Tana is the product of a bespoke production process: designed by their in-house studio artists, then printed at LIberty's own Italian mill, close to Lake Como. 

Many people call Liberty fabrics simple floral fabrics, there is a tendency to think of Liberty prints as botanical which many of them are however Liberty fabrics have a quite remarkable quality. In short, the real Liberty fabric is a very soft, fine, silky and solid cotton with sophisticated patterns and colours. 

Silk & Lawn products

In short in choosing the name Silk & Lawn we hope we can give you a sense of what we cherish and value the most...

• Natural feel

• The importance of quality - not only in the fabric we choose and use but also our craftsmanship and attention to detail

• Everyday Luxury

• Evoking an idea of the botanical, mother nature, but also something more manicured, groomed and well taken care of

• We love the stories and history behind the fabric, prints and the classic accessories styles we recreate 

• Seasonless and timeless, Silk & Lawn is all about investing in pieces that are for all occasions to cherish forever.

So a massive personal thank you to you all you new and old friends!  A lot has happened over the years and we wouldn't be here without you. We can't thank you enough for your love and support that keeps helping Silk & Lawn to flourish!
Lots of love
Katie & Susan xx
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