What colour suits me the best?

What colour suits me the best?

Believing in the importance of colour in your life and making an impact with it is one of the easiest ways to take control on how you feel, look and react in the world around you. 

Colours have been given the recognition they deserve in how they enhance and help to shift negative moods and well, put simply, make you feel how you want to feel. 

Colours can heal.

When doing my research into this I stumbled across a really interesting article by Ruhi Seth on the colours of life. 

Here are a few extracts which resonated most with us at Silk & Lawn, and got us thinking about how colour can embolden us, give us power, as well as altering our mood and wellbeing.

Which of these colours resonates most with you today?

Shop Yellow

It is the colour of sun rays.

It relates to knowledge, happiness, enthusiasm and optimism. 

It helps in decision-making as it provides clarity of thought and helps us focus. 

Shop Orange

It’s the colour of the sun.

It represents warmth, vitality, fun and positivity.

It helps those in depression as it motivates one to look at life in a positive way.

It offers new ideas and gives us freedom to be ourselves.

red turban with silk lining for sleep, chemo, hair loss

Shop Red

It is associated with power, energy, strength, passion and desire.

It is very helpful for people who are shy, with low energy levels and lack confidence.


Shop Green

It’s the colour of nature, growth, vitality, fertility, money and harmony.

It renews and restores depleted energy.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra and gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others, unconditionally. 

However, too much of green can make one judgmental and overly cautious!



Shop Blue

It is associated with the sky.

It reduces stress and has a cooling and calming effect. It is the colour of the thought chakra and is great for communication.

It is the colour of trust, loyalty and honesty.

Shop Purple

It is the colour of intuition, imagination, knowledge, wisdom and spirituality.

It allows us to get in touch with our deepest thoughts.

It benefits those who are willing to change their bad habits as it is the colour of the crown chakra.

It inspires unconditional and selfless love. 

We hope you love wearing all your Silk & Lawn classics. Helping you to be bold, be bright and feel beautiful.

Frame that beautiful face of yours and feel confident.

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Today's thoughts - Keep searching and surrounding yourself with what brings you joy.

Life isn't super simple but wearing what makes us smile and feel really good in can mean facing the world with some renewed energy, a little more confidence, and a bit more self love. Ultimately aiming us in the direction of that mothership we call self acceptance.

Can't wait to see which ones you pick!

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