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Secrets of Silk for Strong, Shiny & Fabulous Hair

Just in case you might not know - our Tot Knots of Brighton Turban Head Wraps have been specially designed to be worn as a silk night cap / headscarf - made with 100% natural fabrics. Designed for ultra comfort and the best fit for nighttime use.
The properties of silk in the beauty industry have (until recently) been a well kept secret. Pure silk satin lining helps to smooth, condition and control frizz-prone and prevent tangled hair.  

Great for those wanting to extend time between hair washes and blow dries or with hair extensions, and want to keep hair beautifully conditioned for as long as possible to promote hair growth and reduce greasiness. Our silk satin lined turbans help minimise breakages, thinning, split ends or bobble marks from tying hair back at night.  
We make our beautiful handmade turbans from the finest 100% Tana lawn cotton Liberty print and line them with 100% pure silk satin for a luxurious and comfortable wear - day and night.
These are also perfect for anyone suffering with hair loss of any kind- the silk-lined turban offers the ultimate luxurious comfort for very delicate skin.  
We have extensive size options to suit everyone's needs. Whether you've got big hair, little hair or next to no hair at all with our S, M, L or XL sizes, we've got it covered. So you can have your most comfortable fit possible.  Just let us know in your buyers notes how much hair you have and we can customise the body of the turbans to fit you perfectly.
All Tot Knots of Brighton products come beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting - whether it's a special gift just for you or something to cheer up a loved one - every item is lovingly packed to make it the perfect present to receive through the post.
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