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Nothing Says Vampy Halloween Quite Like Velvet

Starting to get your Halloween vibes on?

How to create your perfect look for this year's Halloween party?

A classic, grown up, velvet Alice band is super chic and a perfect way to crown your spooky outfit in style.  

Beautifully designed, handmade and hand-finished by us in our Brighton studios. Tot Knot Pure Silk Velvet Alice bands have been designed for not-so-little people, lightly padded and made with a wider band.  

Statement pieces for you to accessorise in effortless style.

We individually gift-wrap everything ready for you to treat (rather than trick) a loved one this Halloween - or what about yourself - naturellement?

Want to get your pumpkin pie on?

 Discover more beautiful, autumnal hues. Tangerine and pumpkin oranges, aubergine purples...

Start by styling up your Halloween and get ready for your wintertime wardrobe beyond.

Feeling all celestial and starry for your Firework night?

Are you ready to get all celestial and wizardry this month with our Tot Knot Liberty Fabric Fizz Pop collection, and find your inner magician!? 

Liberty of London Fizz Pop print was originally created with painted paper collage in the Liberty Fabrics studio. This is a simple but energetic design inspired by the magic of extraordinary children's book stories and recreate the excitement and electricity that sets their imaginations on fire.⁠

Its stellar detail is rich in colour with a black background. Full of colourful stars and mini moons and shooting shapes. A beautiful and playful take on children's imaginations.⁠

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