Is it Time to Put Self-Care Top of Your List?

Is it Time to Put Self-Care Top of Your List?

As we approach the end of the year and impending festive period - the need to take care of ourselves feels more important than ever.  We don't just mean getting fit and healthy in the body stakes but taking some real time out to switch off, relax and be kind to ourselves.  Better mental health and trying to be as stress-free as possible will not only make you more resilient in this time leading up to silly season but will contribute to a stronger immunity and an increased ability to fight off infection.

Now, feels like a great time to make a few - achievable - micro changes to help with our mental and physical wellness.

A Few Silk & Lawn Suggestions...

1. Gratitude Diary - list 3 things you are grateful for each day

2. Digital Detox - we all know we need to be limiting our screen time - but especially so on social media.. and that late night scrolling.

(on an ipad / iphone go to Settings > click Screen Time > click App Limits > click Social > pick your Apps and choose you time allowance)

3. Phone a Friend - last year we were getting much better at this and it's something important to hold on to - especially those further afield... we're trying hard not to let this one slip.

4. Get Fresh - whether it's getting an hour outside on a brisk walk, sitting in nature (we highly recommend hugging a tree!) or perhaps trying a new outdoor sport - just breathe in deep!

5. Home spa  - taking time out to unwind, pamper and nourish ourselves from outside in and inside out.  Schedule in a weekend mid-morning or afternoon bath with some lovely scented and silk products, especially if baths aren't your usual go to - it might be just the pick-me-up you need.

Be Bold, Be Bright & Be Kind to Yourselves!

How to create your spa@home with Silk & Lawn

mulberry silk eye mask

Secrets of Silk for Strong, Shiny & Fabulous Hair

Just in case you might not know - our Silk & Lawn Turban Head Wraps have been specially designed to be worn as a silk sleep headscarf - made with 100% natural fabrics. Designed for ultra comfort and the best fit for day or night time use - a luxurious addition to your home spa.  The properties of silk in the beauty industry have (until recently) been a well kept secret.

Silk Turbans are the perfect, sustainable, hair conditioning treatment.

100% pure silk lining helps to smooth, condition and control frizz-prone and prevent tangled hair.  

Great for those wanting to extend time between hair washes and blow dries or with hair extensions, and want to keep hair beautifully conditioned for as long as possible to promote hair growth and reduce greasiness. Our 100% pure mulberry silk-satin lined turbans help minimise breakages, thinning, split ends or bobble marks from tying hair back at night.  


These are also perfect for anyone suffering with hair loss of any kind - the silk turban offers the ultimate luxurious comfort for very delicate skin.  Many of our customers have found their Silk & Lawn Turbans have given them confidence and joy during a very difficult period in their life.  

"I am beyond happy with my new turban hat which I am wearing during chemotherapy. It's making me feel very stylish though a very difficult time, and I simply love it!" Miss D.

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