How we became a nation of cold water swimmers...

How we became a nation of cold water swimmers...

They say no man (or woman) is an island - but collectively speaking actually we are  - well especially if you live in the UK, then this is a fact that we sometimes and, in my case, quite frequently forget. With a lot of us still wishing to be joined at the hip (or I'd take any limb) to remain connected to our European brothers and sisters. However it still remains the fact that we are very much surrounded by water, lots and lots of cold water!

In Sept 2020 after a year of lockdowns, rules of 6s, and bubbles of quite frankly mind boggling variations I decided to try what seemed to me the most bizarre and unlikely hobby of my life.  I joined an early morning, and I mean really early morning sea swimming group aptly called the Early Birds for the chance to do something genuinely ridiculous and totally out of my comfort zone.  We'd moved to Brighton over four years ago and I could count the amount of times I'd stepped into the sea, let alone swam in it, on one hand. A couple of friends who had recently taken up the habit were unnervingly jubilant, I was reticent and slightly scared but hey, we all want to think we love a challenge - even if it's just try it once.

After months of being with these incredibly supportive, creative women, I felt a major shift in myself. I found it was not only the call of the waves and the resetting of the cold water therapy I was craving for but this connection with other human beings I'd never otherwise have the good fortune to meet. It was in the throng of lockdown part two and three that our group really galvanised.

Our collective, silent screams for freedom, to have a reason just for ourselves to out of our homes, away from our four walls and possibly - well definitely in my case, to get a moment away from our families, all happening at the crack of dawn.

A new routine just for ourselves - to stand at the edge of the water and wade in - invariably being bashed about a little by bouncy waves and freezing temperatures so we could feel wholeheartedly alive, vulnerable and free - if only for a handful of minutes each day.

Out of these encounters and the love of this new found addiction - albeit a healthy one  - the salty sea knot swimming cap turban topper was born. Reflecting the joy, free spirit and love of swimming and women I met along my cold water adventures.

So, if you're like me, and feeling more and more connected to the water a year on, still a novice in the grand scheme of things but still, goddamn, loving it. And if you want to express how you feel and dress for it, in a unique and beautiful way - and and want to express your playful side. Knowing it doesn't have to be all neoprene and wetsuits. Then dive in and find your inner beach belle - and check out the Salty Sea Knot collection - all modelled by my sea swimming sisters. 


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