5 Ways Silk & Lawn Can Help You Shop Sustainably

5 Ways Silk & Lawn Can Help You Shop Sustainably

Do you feel good about the choices you make when you shop?

We know that most people want to do their bit for the environment, so, we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to give back to our planet and our community.

Thankfully our little business is all about original vintage - so by definition we’re repurposing and reimagining materials and looks from the past.

It’s sustainable chic! Here’s how:

Waste not want not

Vintage, in our case, means using classic vintage designs and repurposing unused fabrics that deserve to be seen!

We source our material from all over the place - people selling their nana’s stashes, end of line stock from retailers, fabric markets, smaller specialists with veritable gems worth paying £££’s for…we sniff out these treasures like eager beagles, with sausages on the brain. 

Silk & Lawn shopping from home - less CO2

All our products are lovingly made by a tight-knit team of local artisans, who work from home and from our Brighton studio.

It means we’re small and sleek and that your Silk & Lawn treats are completely handmade.

We don’t hold on to stock, or have trucks on the road transporting between warehouses.

We like to stay local and love where we live. Brighton!


Green Packaging

All of our packaging is recycled or recyclable and we use acid-free paper.

We hate wasting anything (see our first point about beagle-ing fabrics) and we use as little plastic as possible, like you…


Share the Love

We love the idea of circular economies and that applies to recycling and reusing all of our good vibes too.

You love our hair accessories, we love you back for buying them and we pay that forward by passing on a percentage of our profits by working with a variety of hair loss and cancer charities. 


Hopefully these are just a few great reasons for you that might make you decide to shop with us at Silk & Lawn for your sustainable treat today!

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