5 Reasons Why You'll Love Your Silk & Lawn Silk Turban

5 Reasons Why You'll Love Your Silk & Lawn Silk Turban

Recent silk studies keep finding ever growing benefits, for medical and beauty purposes, and the power of silk seems limitless.

1. Ultra-chic Turbans with a Hidden Beauty Purpose

Silk & Lawn Turban Head Wraps have been specially designed to be worn both in the day and as a silk cap/headscarf at night.

Made with 100% natural fabrics, our ready-made turban head wraps with covered elasticated backs are designed for ultra comfort.

Silky smooth is not just an expression. 

The luxurious properties of silk mean less friction when you sleep which contributes to hair being softer, more moisturized, and free from tangles. 

We recommend choosing one of our finest quality 100% Mulberry silk-lined turbans or pure silk headbands to protect your hair when going to bed.

Using a silk turban headscarf creates a barrier from the oils on your face as well as contact with your bed linen, which in turn encourages a friction-less night sleep. 

Due to this reduction in movement, the oils in your hair decrease, so your hairstyles, blow dries, and hair extensions will have more longevity. 



2. Made with the finest 100% Mulberry Silk to hair and skin conditioning

The properties of silk in the beauty industry have (until recently) been a well-kept secret. 

Pure silk satin lining helps to smooth, condition and control frizz-prone and prevent tangled hair.

Great for those wanting to extend the time between hair washes and blow-dries or with hair extensions, and want to keep hair beautifully conditioned for as long as possible to promote hair growth and reduce greasiness. 

Our silk satin lined turbans help minimise breakages, thinning, split ends or bobble marks from tying hair back at night.  



3. Bye-bye bad hair days - Feel chic and unique

Our beautiful handmade turbans are cut from the finest 100% Tana lawn cotton and 100% silk and wool from Liberty London Fabrics. 

We create beautiful accessories that are super wearable and bring joy through colour and craftsmanship and have chosen a wide range of colours, patterns and prints to match your mood and wardrobe perfectly. 

Our philosophy is all about clothes with memories and creating accessories that you’ll want to treasure. We also believe Everyone needs a little bit of Everyday Luxury.

We only use the finest, natural 100% cotton, wools and silks and the vast majority of our materials come from Liberty London fabrics.

One of the best parts of the job - apart from when we’re hand-making your orders is selecting amazing Liberty printed fabrics for you. 

We make sure we never just offer run-of-the-mill designs and seek out something new and wonderful for each collection, as well as always on the lookout for beautiful vintage, Limited Edition Liberty stock.



4. Only 100% Natural fibre in the silk, cotton and wool we use.  

Silk = Better Sleep + Healing Powers on Your Skin

We make our beautiful handmade turbans from the finest 100% Tana lawn cotton and Liberty print, lining them with 100% pure silk satin for luxurious and comfortable wear, day and night.

These are also perfect for anyone suffering from hair loss of any kind- the silk-lined turban offers the ultimate luxurious comfort for very delicate skin.  

Silk fibres are all-natural, meaning they consist of no nasty chemicals. Brilliant for allergy sufferers.

Silk comes from the silk moth, it is the natural fibre used to spin its cocoon. Proteins found in pure silk are not only water-resistant but also antimicrobial (i.e. kills microorganisms and stops their growth), antiviral, and antibacterial. 

It is even used to make surgical sutures.

Do you ever find yourself getting hot at night? 

Silk is a breathable, natural temperature regulator, keeping you at the optimal temperature for comfort - all night long.

As silk does not irritate the skin or increase as much humidity around the head or face as other materials, making it is suitable for prolonged wear day and night. 

5. No head is the same

We know and love that no head is the same, so a range of sizes can be customised to you specifically. Just ask as we have extensive size options to suit everyone's needs. 

Whether you've got big hair, little hair or next to no hair at all with our S, M, L or XL sizes, we've got it covered. So you can have your most comfortable fit possible. 

Just let us know in your buyers notes how much hair you have and we can customise the body of the turbans to fit you perfectly.



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