Festival Chic - How to style out your Glastonbury weekend.

Festival Chic - How to style out your Glastonbury weekend.

Oh yes it is!

It's that time of year again. If you haven't already started scrambling in the loft, cupboards under the stairs and other nooks and crannies around the place you might be very shortly. It's the season of the great festival and camping related hunt down. Trying to find all that clobber we rejoicefully tucked away at the end of last summer. 

Where did we put the kids walkie talkies? Sequin jackets and those spangly lycra leggings we'd not usually be caught dead in?

Here's our very own Lady Glitter Sparkles getting her Twisted Turban headband on - not only helping to hide the fact we always fail to pack or just can't locate a hair brush for three days  - these headband beauties are a marvel at banishing the unkempt camping hair ‘in~style’.

Perfect Summer Hair Style Hack?⁠pure liberty silk twisted headbands for helping on bad, flyaway, frizzy, grey hair days
Hiding a multitude of hair style sins - from taming the frizz, to covering those pesky grey hairs before our next dye job, or just simply not having the time (or energy) to wash our barnets this week. The Twisted Turban Headband is a wonder cure for all hair-style ills.⁠

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